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Art Barn is blessed with an active volunteer community who keep our programming up and running. Cumulatively, our volunteers log over 4500 hours of service translating into a fair market value of over $116,000 that we would have to pay for the same amount of work. As a non-profit organization, solely supported by the generosity of our supporters, volunteer time, and talent is highly valued and vital to our mission.

There are many different ways to volunteer your time and talents. Serve on a committee, organize art supplies, write a press release, help us hang an exhibition. Bring us your expertise. There is a place for you at Art Barn!

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Thom Carpenter and Terry Albrecht have bravely tackled the inventory and management of our collection of approximately 2000 pieces of artwork. Their powerful team of two has dedicated countless hours and great attention to detail during this often frustrating 2-year process - always with a smile. They care a great deal for the work they do and we appreciate how well they take care of our collection.


Thom and Terry provide a wonderful organizational benefit for Art Barn and we are eternally grateful to them and how they help us pursue our mission as a stronger organization.

Thank you Thom and Terry and to ALL our volunteers!

interested in a board position or a committee?

Join Art Barn's team of dedicated individuals who share the mission to bring quality art programs to our community and enrich their lives.


We are made up of a committed board of directors, many of whom have been with Art Barn since its founding, devoted staff members and instructors, and many other faithful volunteers who are a part of Art Barn’s growth.

Thanks for your interest!

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