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Art Barn is seeking artists with an interest exhibiting their artwork, either solo or as a group (2 or more), in the gallery.


General Information


Applications have to be submitted through an online process. Submissions will be reviewed quarterly by the exhibition committee, and artists will be contacted about the status of their application in the following quarter.

Exhibitions are typically scheduled 1 to 2 years in advance, and there is no fee to have an exhibition. The artist(s) will be responsible for all hanging and labeling. All artwork must be wired to hang, no sawtooth hangers, no pieces larger than 40”x44”. Art Barn will receive a commission of 30% on works sold during the exhibition. 


All media will be considered. Ceramic freestanding pieces must be accompanied by a substantial base. Art Barn will help organize a reception and negotiate marketing with artist(s). Artist(s) must be available for reception and or program. Reception date to be negotiated and mutually agreed upon. Artist(s) provide food, ABSA will provide soft drinks. Bar with beer and wine optional.

Information Needed from Artist(s)

  • Resume/bio, artist statement, exhibition history, awards and grants.

  • Contact information: name, address, phone number, email, website and social media.

  • Exhibition proposal.

  • Provide digital images of the proposed exhibition in jpg or png format, at least 350 dpi, files no larger than 2000 pixels on the largest side.

  • Include your name/group name in the uploaded file.

  • Send 5-10 images for a solo exhibition; 10-15 for a group exhibition.

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