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About Us

The Art Barn campus is on 69 acres with rolling woodlands, a pond, open spaces, gardens, farm animals, wildlife and endless sources of inspiration. Our friendly and relaxed atmosphere and quality outdoor spaces contribute to people's health, happiness, and well being. 


Overall our goal is to provide learning experiences in visual art that improve quality of life and healthy expression, but also to anchor an experience that will leave students wanting to explore our offerings more deeply.


In-house educational offerings include intensive workshops and ongoing classes. We operate 3 trimesters of both in-person and virtual offerings including Guest Artists Workshops. We exhibit regional artist work year-round. An Artist Residency program helps build capacity and enrich our programs. We continually evolve in order to attract and maintain the interest and skill-level of students.  


Art Barn prioritizes access to the arts for those with limited financial means or those with disabilities. We have several initiatives in place, including free events, scholarships and ADA accessible facilities. 


Art Barn School of Art has three main functions: education, exhibitions and events. We serve our community through art by providing a place where artists and non-artists alike can retreat and focus on the important things in life. We also work with many partners to provide arts experiences out in the community.

Woman Plein Air Painting


To provide quality art education programs for all ages in a supportive, creative environment in order to enrich the quality of life in the region.  

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To be a recognized forum for the arts in a collaborative, community-based setting which provides an idyllic and supportive place for exploration, growth, inspiration, and development of artistic endeavors.

What We Do


Art Barn School of Art recognizes and values the contribution of people with differences in capabilities, experience, origins and perspectives. We work diligently to maintain an inclusive environment. Art Barn is a place that treats people fairly and with dignity and respect regardless of race, color, religion, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, national origin, age, disability, economic status or political affiliation. We will continue to provide reasonable accommodations for staff, volunteers, students and visitors to participate equally.


We are continually assessing our organization and its culture to ensure all are welcomed. We are continually developing new programming that reflects the demographics and diverse needs of our community. We consistently work with community leaders and partners to serve all members of the community.

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