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THE COLLECTION of the Art Barn School of Art was accumulated by founder Janet Malmquist Sullivan over many years and became the property of Art Barn School of Art upon her passing on April 19, 2016.  Thanks to the hard work and dedication of volunteers the collection is now cataloged with over 2,000 pieces. We selected the most important and historically significant works to retain for our permanent collection and identified pieces with appeal for auction as well as works that would be offered for sale through Art Barn.  


During her lifetime Jan invested in art in support of artists, but also to sell for future growth - to provide a legacy.


Our sizable collection serves us as an investment strategy by our founder. Your purchase of artwork provides a legacy for growth as we strategically expand our programming and community reach. Invest in our Legacy for Growth Collection today!

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Items such as this classic floral stilllife painted by Jan Sullivan have been retained for our permanent collection and will occasionally be made available for public viewing during exhibititions.

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