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Paintings by Jan Sullivan Available for Purchase

AB00366 HQnf - Calla Lillies.jpg


Oil on Canvas

H24 x W18  Framed H27.3 x 23.3


Janet loved texture created by the depth of the oil, the swirls and punctuations and the shadows to show position in a still life.  The Calla Lilies are thrust forward by the background of a yellow succulent plant in a blue ceramic pot decorated with yellow blossoms.  The clay pots in the background are reflected in the round oranges in the foreground nested in the white ceramic bowl.  The purple wooden stand and light violet wall give the glass jar holding the calla lilies a see through quality, yet the interior stains on old glass. 

Calla Lilies Anchor
AB00374 HQnf - Little Blue Church.jpg


Oil on Canvas

H16 x W28  Framed H18.1 x W30


Somewhere at dusk in rural Mexico the sky turns gold and the white church stands out against the trees.  The trees of bright yellow, pink and purple share a vibrant tone with the descending sun giving beautiful dark shadows behind the trees.  The road to the church is crystal white as it winds up to the colorful bushes.  

Church in the Trees Anchor
AB00342 HQnf - Arbor.jpg


Oil on Canvas

H36 x W24  Framed H41.5 x W29.3


The lush landscape of summer is captured from the perspective of a flowering vine covered garden trellis.  The seat of the trellis is just visible as an invitation to sit a while and look at the variety of plants and ferns with a tree waving in the cool summer breeze.  The rhapsody of color, light and dark, takes the viewing visitor through the peaceful yet rambunctious impressionist flower garden. 

Garden Trellis Anchor
AB00269 HQ - Chickens on the Path.jpg


Oil on Canvas

H18 x W24  Unframed


 The Art Barn would raise a variety of chicks each year that grew up to strut around the farm,  scratching for bugs and seeds and posing as only chickens can do.  Janet saw the personality in each chicken, placing this flock of multi colored wanderers on the dirt road leading to the back 40 of the property.  

Chicken on the Path Anchor


Oil on Canvas

H48 x W36  Unframed 


Still Life on a table cloth intricately woven into the flowers in the foreground with chairs and tables in the background.  A studio showing motion and simplicity of a peaceful scene with an untitled book resting on the table.  The flowers are detailed enough for some identification of iris, mums, daisies and berries on a stem to give height and flare to the piece. 

AB00173 HQ - Still Life with Urn.jpg
Golden Vase Anchor
AB00155 HQnf - Sailboat 693.jpg


Oil on Linen

H24 x W48  Framed H24.5 x W48.5


A windy day on Lake Michigan with sailboats catching the wind and tossing in the sea breeze. Piloting their boats to get the most forward direction, they still come close to each other giving the painting a feel of the whim of the wind and the skill needed to stay on course.  Color of sunset adds to the composition giving an evening urgency as the sky and sand begin to look alike and the blue lake recedes as the tide goes out. 

Sailboats Anchor
AB00092 HQnf - yellow dafs, red tulips.j


Oil on Canvas

H24 x W30  Framed H28.5 x W34.5


The Art Barn Farm comes alive in spring with daffodils and tulips popping up in the gardens.  The aroma of lilacs among the brilliant red tulips and yellow and orange daffodils was painted in the Art Barn Studio with artists circled around the table of fresh flowers and floral smells of spring.  

Tulips and Daffodils Anchor
AB00134 HQnf - Hacienda.jpg


Oil on Canvas

H17.5 x W20  Framed H20.5 x 27.8


Janet spent over 35 years in and around Ajijic, Mexico, going to the villages surrounding Lake Chapala with the mountains keeping the towns small and up against the lake.  Lakeside life enthralled Janet  who loved the old adobe structures, the bushes and trees climbing the hills.  She chose a plein air painting spot to view the houses against the azure mountains, the lake to her back, sitting on the roadside engrossed in the color and texture of buildings along the shore.  

Lakeside Life Anchor
AB00110 HQnf - Patio on the Lake.jpg


Oil on Canvas

H24 x W18  Framed H28 x W22 


After a morning of swimming, Janet spent the rest of her day painting plein air.  Often her subject was the sea washing up on the beach in Mexico viewed from the house she was renting with friends for the winter.  As the hot day turned into late afternoon, the shadows lengthened and drinks were served on the veranda, evening supper eaten together and the critique of the day's paintings made the travel painting experience unforgettable. 

Veranda by the Sea Anchor
AB00082 HQnf - Three Ducks.jpg


Oil on Canvas

H16 xW30  Framed H20.2 x W34.2


Janet's love of animals was often expressed in her paintings.  She raised a flock of ducks that had conversations with each other and ran everywhere on the Art Barn farm.

Three Ducks Anchor
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