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Refunds are issued, minus a $25 fee, through the first class. No refunds are permitted after that time. There are no refunds on workshops.

Diversity Statement

Art Barn School of Art recognizes and values the contribution of people with differences in capabilities, experience, origins and perspectives. We work diligently to maintain an inclusive environment. Art Barn is a place that treats people fairly and with dignity and respect regardless of race, color, religion, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, national origin, age, disability, economic status or political affiliation. We will continue to provide reasonable accommodations for staff, volunteers, students and visitors to participate equally.


We are continually assessing our organization and its culture to ensure all are welcomed. We are continually developing new programming that reflects the demographics and diverse needs of our community. We consistently work with community leaders and partners to serve all members of the community.

COVID-19 Update

Effective 3/8/22

Art Barn School of Art takes everyone's health and safety very seriously and we are taking precautions to prevent the spread of the disease. The staff and board have outlined our safety measures for day-to-day operations including extra cleaning/disinfecting procedures, limiting numbers inside the building, screening, social distancing and face coverings to help provide a safe environment for students, visitors, volunteers, and staff.

Barn open to the public at a partial capacity:​

  • Gallery: 

    • Auditorium style with family groupings - 42

    • Auditorium style straight seating - 30

    • Gallery standing - 42

  • Educational spaces: 

    • Upper Classroom/Gallery - 14

    • Lower Classroom -12

    • Garden Studio - 6

    • Ceramic Arts Studio -5 if wheel-throwing, 6 if hand-building Masks are still required in this space*


Safety Measures:

  • Masks are required in the ceramics classroom due to the limited size of the space.

  • Older adults and those with known high-risk medical conditions should limit exposure at the barn.

  • Staff, volunteers, students and visitors must practice social distancing (6 feet) and good hygiene (hand-washing practices & covering cough etc)

  • All vaccinated staff, volunteers, students and visitors are are not required to wear face coverings while inside the barn. We encourage face coverings for those who are not vaccinated.

  • Continue to regularly clean surfaces and disinfect common areas and shared tools. Students are encouraged to bring their own supplies when possible to mitigate sharing.

  • Instructors must send students home if they are symptomatic.

  • Social gatherings/rentals may take place assuming social distancing guidelines are followed.

  • Different safety measures may be implemented for events or gatherings.


We will be monitoring state and local guidelines and may revise these plans as the situation continues to develop. Please monitor our Facebook page and website for further updates. Please follow the guidelines recommended by the CDC to prevent illness. In order for us to protect our vulnerable populations from illness we need your help. If you or individuals in your household are sick, please stay home.

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