Our Environmental Committment

With each passing year, the environment is showing us more and bigger signs that call for a serious attitude toward its preservation and care.

From the beginning the Art Barn has been environmentally conscious. We are a fully recycling and upcycling facility. Reusable items like rags and scrap paper are encouraged. Real silver and dinnerware are used at our parties.  

Our school is green. It only makes sense being on a well and septic system that we avoid the use of chemical cleaners. But our intention extends to the greater natural systems around us. We use Shaklee products for Earth friendly cleaning power, and our students and visitors enjoy the safety of the fresh air and groundwater left behind after cleaning.

We are a proud member of CoThrive Community time bank, and have a Master Recycler on staff certified by Porter County Recycling and Waste Reduction District. 

We are an annual participant at the Earth Day Celebration at Porter County Expo Center. In 2017 our recycled sculpture “Recyclops” won first prize both in the popular and judged categories. Recyclops featured the recreation of a photo by artist Chris Jordan from his “Midway” exhibit, documenting birds killed after eating ocean plastic waste.