Randall Roberts is the assistant curator for Midwest Museum of American Art. As a curator for Midwest Museum of American Art, Roberts is involved in the management and research of the museum’s permanent collection where he helps to coordinate the development and implementation of exhibition programs. In addition to his role as a curator, Roberts has been a juror for several art fairs and competitions within the Michiana region including the annual Chesterton Art Fair, Leeper Park Art Fair and Taste of the Gardens at Wellfield Botanic Garden for research in architectural history. Currently, he is developing a graduate thesis and will continue his academic endeavors at Indiana University.



"As a curator, I am often called to exercise a subjective but critical judgment upon artwork. This can sometimes be a challenging process for both the artist and juror to undertake, but I think that it can also be an exciting opportunity to see and learn from each other.

As an individual, I value the role that art plays in our everyday lives and communities. I have seen the feeling of liberation it brings to its maker and the excitement of curiosity for its viewer. Art is all around us. Sometimes it is obvious and in plain sight, or it can be an indecipherable message, and other times it is waiting to be discovered in the mundane. It takes a thoughtful but trained eye to recognize where it resides in nature. As a juror, it is not always an objective process. I consider craftsmanship and skill set to be top contenders in the selection process regardless of media represented. Another aspect of this process is the investigative or innovative use of media and material that results in an intentionally created product. The challenge is putting all of the pieces together logically to make the puzzle complete.

As artists, you should be applauded for the risks you take in making your artwork. Continue to express your thoughts and ideas through self-exploration or something yet to be seen. Finally, thank you for allowing me to be a part of your world."