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Intensive Workshops

3 days or longer

Plein Air Experience with Mark Vander Vinne June 7-9, $260: Don’t be overwhelmed by the information and detail in nature. When painting outside, artists are sometimes unsure where to begin, what to paint and how to capture the changing light quickly. In this workshop, students will learn what to look for in a scene, how to simplify the chaos of nature into a powerful design, create mood through unified color, and paint quickly to capture the qualities and information of the scene. All media are welcome, though demonstrations will be in oil and plein air painting with oils will be emphasized. Concepts are geared towards intermediate and advanced painters.

Capturing the Light” with Lynn Ferris July 12-14, $350: Bring your watercolor to the next level. Light and shadow shouldn’t be afterthoughts in our paintings. In fact, good use of light and shadow is one of the best ways to take a painting from ordinary to extraordinary. In her signature workshop “Capturing the Light”, Lynn will show students how to use light and shadow to design stronger compositions and bring drama to a variety of subject matter. Students will gain new skills and confidence working with shadows, light sources, creating glow and more. Lynn provides handouts, reference materials, and lots of personal attention.

Watercolor with Lian Zhen  Sept 6-8, $200: Lian teaches basic techniques such as compositions and coloring, and his unique methods including “Color Pouring and Blending” and “Paint Around (negative painting)”. He shows how to mix colors on watercolor papers, as well as letting the pigments painting themselves. Only three primary colors will be used.

There are 4-6 demos each day with student practices between, so that they can absorb and assimilate the lessons. In critiques Lian helps students by touching up their paintings. At end of workshop students may be able to finish couple of paintings, or learn enough techniques to complete them later. 

“Creative Color—Loose and Vibrant” with Ken Hosmer  Sept 10-13, $330: Students learn to creatively interpret subjects with color freedom; learn to lead the eye through your painting with light and dark pathways; learn to simplify subjects to create dynamic compositions. Daily painting demonstrations focus on landscape type subjects with animals, figures, buildings or water.  Painting demonstrations will be in traditional oil, however students may work in either oil or acrylic.

Ken is highly respected for his calm, supportive demeanor as he skillfully verbalizes exactly what your painting needs for improvement. This makes the class ideal for both beginning and advanced students.