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October 3 - November 1

Opening Reception: October 4, 2-4pm

Each week from early April to the end of October members of the Duneland Plein Air Painters (DPAP) meet in a different location to paint in the open air. Carrying on a long tradition of painting outdoors in natural light, these artists record their impression of local scenes while dealing with elements of nature.  Art Barn provides a sanctuary for this dedicated group of artists, where they can continue their work in the comfort of our spaces during harsh winter months. This exhibition represents what members produced most recently.


Painting together for over 12 years the group has painted beach scenes from Beverly Shores to West Beach, gardens in Michigan City, La Porte , South Bend and Niles, Michigan and landscapes and city scenes from Red Mill County Park in La Porte County to downtown Valparaiso and Three Oaks Michigan.   


Plein Air is a French term for painting outside. The idea of painting outdoors is to paint from life, involving all senses in capturing impressions of a scene. Artists may finish their paintings on site or add finishing touches in a studio. Others record information in sketches and photographs and produce paintings in their studios.


Plein Air painters deal with change; changing shadows, changing light, changing weather. A sudden wind gust can pick up a canvas and carry it away. Cars or delivery trucks can suddenly block a view. A rain shower may begin. Shadows move and new details emerge. This is all part of the experience of painting from and in nature. The members of the Duneland Plein Air Painters enjoy these challenges and the camaraderie of painting together.

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