Your year-end gift in any amount makes a difference


Despite challenges in 2020, we had several successes this year including a new partnership with Opportunity Enterprises (OE), well established in the community for providing programs that serve adults living with developmental disabilities. This program brings OE clients to Art Barn for weekly art education classes and will culminate with an exhibition in 2021.


We cannot deny the critical “role of the arts in improving health and well-being.”* Your support will help sustain our 40-year history of providing quality arts education in the region. This year we were able to cover basic costs of maintaining classes with the help of CARES Act funding, but need your help to cover operational costs due to necessary reductions in class sizes and workshop cancellations required to keep our staff and community safe. You can help us continue offering valuable arts opportunities in our community. 

Art Barn School of Art operations are supported by the generosity of corporations, foundations and individual donors like you.  Help us sustain operations during this unprecedented time. Please make Art Barn a priority in your year-end giving plans. Your contribution in any amount will help us continue to provide much-needed arts programs during these challenging times.

* Link to support findings

Reduce your taxable income & support Art Barn!
You may take a charitable deduction of up to $300 for 2020 cash contributions made to Art Barn if you dont itemize. Those age 70 ½ or older with an IRA can make a qualified charitable distribution (up to $100,000) directly to Art Barn.

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