Learn how to create your own curiosity box below!



  • One small tissue box (demo: Aldi “Willow” brand box)

  • Pencil

  • 12” ruler

  • Tacky glue or glue stick

  • Moss (sphagnum or spanish), yarn (your choice)

  • Card stock (paper samples, greeting cards - completely your choice)

  • Rubber stamps, fine point sharpies, markers, paint, brushes (decorating supplies your choice)



  • Remove the plastic insert from the opening

  • Carefully open one side of the box

  • Find and mark the center point of the larger flap 

  • Draw a line from that point to the where it meets the main part of the box. Cut off the excess. 

  • This will create your gable for the roof.

  • For the roof take some measurements...

    • First, measure the length of the box gable to gable (demo box this is 5” long). To make a little bit of an eave add an extra ½ inch [5 ½”]

    • Then, measure from the tip to the base of each gable (demo box this is 3 ½ & 3 ½), for a little bit of an eave add an extra inch [8”]

    • Cut a rectangle with these dimensions [5 ½ x 8”]. This will be the roof



To create a panoramic scene inside your box measure the 2 side walls and the back wall of your box (mine is 5 + 4 ¼ + 5 = 14 ½).  Add them up to get your dimension and subtract 2”

It should fit into the box rounded into the corners, not folded, which will give it a panoramic appearance when you peek in the opening.

Decorate your panorama however you like (I did a wooded scene)

Make sure it is dry before inserting and gluing into your box

apply glue to the back of the right and left edges of your panorama, insert into place and hold while glue sets



Make or collect any items that you want to include in your box

Glue your items to the bottom of the box.  If you cut them out of paper make sure to leave a tab at the bottom so you can bend and glue it easily

Glue your moss to the bottom of the box around your items

Glue your roof to the shorter tabs


DONE!  Take a pic and post it in this event on facebook!


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