Art Blitz – 3rd Weekend of September

What is an Art Blitz?

The Art Blitz is​ modeled after the BIOblitz, an intensive period of biological surveying.

The Art Blitz​ is two days of art demonstration and exploration. Like the Bio Blitz, it relies on volunteers, artists, and visitors to facilitate and explore a period of “intensive art” in our community.

Admission for both artists and the public is FREE.

For a donation, visitors of any age can participate, take a mini class, try a new medium. Or relax, get some food, and observe artists at work. Have a picnic, take a nature walk, or sit and listen to the live entertainment.

Artists participate through demonstrating or teaching. Apply here as an artist

We welcome all volunteers, both artistic and otherwise. Volunteer now and join the fun


*Observe all types of artists at work

*Frequent raffles of great prizes  

*Paint a block for the collaborative children’s mural

*Take a mini class – Zentangle, Pencil Drawing, Watercolor, Paper Beads, Acrylics, Paper Flowers and more

*Add to the giant mandala of found items

*Deco furniture painting

*Face painting – for both kids AND adults

*Giant live interactive puppets

*Hike our trails

*Play in the Fairy Garden

*Clay sculpting

*Recycle art

*Main gallery sale

*Live music

*Instrument garden

*Delicious food from local vendors

*Gallery lounge for 21 and older